About Us

Have you ever wondered why your replacement cable charges soo slow?

Did you know what makes a slow charging cable.
Charging speed and durability lies on the quality of the 3 following components.

1. Copper wiring quality
2. Connectors type and quality
3. Quality charge control chip.

95% of cables on the street do not meet the bare minimum in terms of quality for the 3 components.

The reason why you dont see a brand name on most of the cables out there is because the quality is too low and unreliable for them to actually put their name on it. Their overal production cost for the full cable is usually below US$0.20 , which is way below the production cost of a normal cable. However on the street the same cable os sometimes sold at around USD2.00-5.00, How about that?

This is why we created musungo cable.
Musungo is a startup company that specialises in charging technology.
Our cable is made of high quality 108 pcs pure copper, gold plated connectors and a high-quality charge control chip.
Its been vigorously tested to ensure it meets our intended quality and purpose.

In some instances, it charges faster than original cable whilst up to 200% faster than street cables.
This is why our cable meets the EU Certification for Europe standards

We are Musungo
We believe charging should be one less problem to worry about.
Buy Musungo
Tech that serves the purpose.